Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mutilation Holocaust

  I have hidden most of the pages to this blog and am posting updated information on the following sites. Please check them out.

Never, in the history of humanity, has there been a more crucial time for our HEARTS to rise into a peaceful fight for humanity's safety and freedom.

Our lack of awareness of the existence of, and criminal use of, technologies that are being used to harm common individuals, families and communities is enabling the destruction of an uncountable number of lives and is a serious threat to all of humanity.

As you find and face these TRUTHS, your mind may not want to believe it. . .and your heart may be struck with a pain that its not going to want to feel. But I hope you find the courage to face and feel it anyway, because out of those feelings, can be birthed a remedy that has no other way of existing. We need that remedy.

I hate to have to say this, but its True:

The Freedom We Boast of In the USA
Has Already Being Secretly Torn Away!

Lets take it back
And help other countries to do the same.

 What kind of world can my weary eyes See
What kind of world need grow to be?
A world where kindness picks up paces
To lift broken people from wounded places.
A world where the void of greed and hate
Is filled with Love by the hands of fate,
A world where all is in a state of repair
And none are left in deep despair.